Why Age Wise Colorado?


AgeWise Colorado is the “Home Advisor” of the Aging space in Colorado – providing an online marketplace aggregating vetted for-profit and not for profit member organizations into one place, working collaboratively to offer the best products and services available for older Coloradans, when you need them. (Or, for you planners, before you need them.)

AgeWise Colorado is dedicated to helping older Coloradans and their supportive families to alleviate the difficulties of learning about, sorting through, and finding the trusted products and services they need to help them live their best lives – to make informed decisions.

AgeWise Colorado is a powerful new non-profit collaborative that combines:

  1. An Online Marketplace – a purposefully designed, online, interactive, easy to use, tool to guide older adult consumers/users, and their family members, to find the products and services that will help them live their best lives, Opportunities for Our Members Learn from One Another
  2. A collaborative environment for our organization members to learn from one another with the goal of improving their products and services and access to them, Educational opportunities for citizens on issues impacting older adults; AND on products and services that help them live their best lives
  3. Provides education opportunities in communities across Colorado – focused on aging-related topics while featuring available, vetted, products and services. One example is the topic of Aging in Place – an area which is both broad and deep.

Even today, there are literally thousands of organizations in Colorado which in some way provide products and services for older Coloradans, and, we will see more and more for-profit, and not for profits, working to fulfill those needs—and even to create new needs.

Sorting through all these, cutting through the clutter, helping you find what you really need, is what Age Wise is designed to do.

Our Mission

  • We connect older Coloradans and their families with the products and services that help older Coloradans live their best lives while also helping our organization members succeed and thrive.

Our Vision

  • We are the go-to non-profit online marketplace for older Coloradans to learn about, sort out, and select from the many product and service options available to meet the unique needs of their lives.

How do we full fill our mission?

  • We leverage the depth of knowledge, contacts, reputations of our member organizations – both for profit and not for profit to better inform and educate Colorado citizens so that they can make more informed decisions about aging related products and services.
  • We have regular educational and informational sessions, conducted by and with our members, focused on BIG issues for audiences of Aging Coloradans and their families
  • We collect, connect, create: Collecting (and providing) information, connecting organizations to form coalitions, creating ideas.
  • We co-create action plans to implement those ideas.
  • We engage experts, we brainstorm ideas, we create projects and plans to complete them.
  • Make every member organization stronger and better by focusing on the goal of better life for Aging Coloradans
  • We engage the very valuable resource of the wisdom and experience of older Coloradans
  • Who are our members? Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations with an interest in aging in Colorado.
  • Who do we serve? Every aging Coloradan and their families, through and with our members.

We can, working together, become a real force for change. Stronger together.