Why Age Wise Colorado?

There are thousands of organizations in Colorado – both for-profit and not for profit, including many government agencies designed to help Colorado’s older adults age better, with dignity and joy. The strain on government services to provide long-term support to the aging population will only get worse as our population continues to age – the existing service models are not financially sustainable.

One example: Medicaid cases tripled from 275,000 in 2001 to 888,000 in 2018. Will it triple again by 2036? Health Care Policy and Financing (which administers Medicaid in Colorado, along with CHP, and other programs) spent 25% of the General Fund in 2018-19FY. It can only grow, edging out more dollars for other needs.

We have no choice but to work smarter, not spending harder. Working smarter means working better together, creating new ideas and processes; redefining success.

Our Mission

  • We connect Coloradans with thousands of providers of products and services to make us all smarter about aging.
  • We inform and educate Aging Coloradans and their families about products and services available to be smarter about aging.
  • We are your source for all things for aging adults.
  • We guide you to make informed decisions for older adults.
  • We create new pathways to better serve, inform, and empower older Coloradans and their families to get smarter about aging.
  • We are THE PLACE for all things Aging.
  • We make it happen.

How do we full fill our mission?

  • We leverage the depth of knowledge, contacts, reputations of our member organizations – both for profit and not for profit to better inform and educate Colorado citizens so that they can make more informed decisions about aging related products and services.
  • We have regular educational and informational sessions, conducted by and with our members, focused on BIG issues for audiences of Aging Coloradans and their families
  • We collect, connect, create: Collecting (and providing) information, connecting organizations to form coalitions, creating ideas.
  • We co-create action plans to implement those ideas.
  • We engage experts, we brainstorm ideas, we create projects and plans to complete them.
  • Make every member organization stronger and better by focusing on the goal of better life for Aging Coloradans
  • We engage the very valuable resource of the wisdom and experience of older Coloradans
  • Who are our members? Both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations with an interest in aging in Colorado.
  • Who do we serve? Every aging Coloradan and their families, through and with our members.

We can, working together, become a real force for change. Stronger together.