Questions and Answers for Business Members


Q. Are you ready for consumers to use your service? And is there a fee to consumers for using the Age Wise marketplace?
A. We plan to launch in Q1 of 2020. We are still working on securing our initial funding. And no, there is no fee to consumers for accessing and using our site.

Q. There other online marketplaces out there; how will AWC be different?
A. We have two primary goals: help older Coloradans live their best lives and help our member organizations provide the best products and services for older Coloradans.

Q. When you say you will become the “Home Advisor” of the Aging space in Colorado, what do you mean by that?
A. As Home Advisor is to home repairs and projects – making it easy for consumers to find the services they need in their area, AWC will do the same – through our member providers – for services like easing the concerns of loved ones through home digital health applications, finding housing, in-home health maintenance, retrofitting a home, in-home caregivers, financial advisors, out of the home health services, finding transportation, and many others.

Q. Why is fostering a collaborative environment with AWC’s member organizations important—don’t they compete?
A. There are two ways to see this: first, by having both for profit and not for profit organizations as members, each learns from the other – which benefits the whole, and second, there are always opportunities in any industry for “co-opetition” – which is shorthand for competing while cooperating – and it’s always voluntary. What is the best allocation of resources to any given situation, what are the best ideas for meeting a given need, providing the most benefit.

Q. What do you mean by “education opportunities”?
A. It’s not enough just to know “ABC, 123, and XYZ companies” provides certain services; consumers need to learn much more about what those services actually are, how they will help them and their loved ones. It’s easy to be enamored with new technologies; it’s important to really understand them. The intent here is to actually have live events at locations around the state focused on broader topics: for example, aging in place.