Welcome to AgeWise Colorado: your premier connection to great resources, information, and education to help you and your loved ones to Age Well …Age Wisely in Colorado. 

I wish I had known about AgeWise Colorado much sooner—it would have saved me and my dad a HUGE amount of time in finding the help we needed for Mom. Instead, it took nearly 9 months to find the help we needed when we could have found it in minutes on AgeWise Colorado.

AgeWise Colorado is a mission-driven organization created to meet a real public service need by:

Filling the significant information gap for older Coloradans and their families who are struggling to find:

Reliable information and helpful, trusted, resources when (or before) aging-related issues arise.

We are Coloradans focused solely on older Coloradans, their families and closest friends. We have both deep and broad experience in the many aging related issues and activities around the State and employ that experience for your benefit.

We provide:

Our Mission

To connect—at no cost—all older Coloradans and their caring family and friends, wherever they may be, to helpful and reliable services, products, information, assistance, and education for Aging Well and Wisely in Colorado. 

Our Vision

AgeWise Colorado is the trusted go-to online hub/connector for older Coloradans and their families to become informed about and find the services and products they need to thrive as they age.

What Are You Looking For? Where Do You Start?

An informed consumer tends to be more satisfied with what they buy. Many people start with our Practical Advice section—read, watch one of great videos—and then begin the search for the service providers who can best help you. We exist to be your helper, your connector.

A few examples of the types of services and related products we can help you connect with:

Why We Are Here:

Older adults consistently and strongly favor living in place as long as possible. The State of Colorado has the second fastest population growth in residents aged 65 and older. For the first time in history, the number of Coloradans over age 60 (1.3 million+) exceeds those under age 18. This is a trend with no end in sight. In fact, the Millennial generation (aged 26-43 in 2024), is now the largest demographic in the USA—larger than the Boomer generation we all hear so much about. In just 17 years, the older Millennial will reach age 60. Think about THAT. And this: the current birth rate in the USA is 1.6, far below the 2.1 number needed to replace deaths.

Here in Colorado, there are nearly 3 million people over age 40, consisting of Older Adults who are doing well those who need help now or may in the future, AND the Adult children/friend/relatives–who ARE the Sandwich Generation. As a person in the middle of that sandwich, you may be caring for an older adult or juggling the care of both older adults and children.  If not now, you probably will (or already have).

The gap in available caregivers for the old and frail among us requires both Innovation and a focus on health care Prevention.

We aim to minimize the many stressors that come from not knowing where to turn to get the help you need, when you need it.    

How We Connect You With What You Need—When You Need It

Our approach is twofold: First, we provide you actionable, useable, and up-to-date information about Aging Well…Aging Wisely, in Colorado. We provide educational events, well-researched articles, topical booklets, and webinars that are recorded for future viewing to help you do your best in a new unknown—the aging space. 

Second, we connect you to the services and products you need by matching you to Colorado’s best service providers—our Participating Providers—all vetted by us to put their best work forward.   

We also have knowledgeable staff you can speak with personally to gain more information.

Our Vetting Process for Our Participating Providers

AgeWise Colorado was created specifically with older adults and their loved ones in mind. We know how hard it can be when you’re searching for services or products to help older adults stay in their homes. As a non-profit organization, we’re committed to helping you find what is needed quickly and easily.

We also have a stringent vetting process that all providers interested in becoming one of AgeWise Colorado’s Participating Providers must pass. Once an organization becomes a vetted Participating Provider, they are then included in our Participating Provider Directory. In addition, they will have an annual check-up to ensure they continue to meet our rigorous standards. 

You may of course continue to “google” and HOPE, or you can AgeWise Colorado and KNOW.  

How Is Our Work Supported?

AgeWise Colorado is a 501c3 nonprofit but like any business we have expenses.  We look to the community for support of this vital service.

  • Private Individual Contributions (No contribution is too small.) Donate Now.
  • Contributions from our Participating Providers
  • Foundation Grants
  • Sponsorships and Corporate Giving
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Who are the People behind AgeWise Colorado?​

Our Board of Directors:


Robert Brocker

Bob Brocker


Founder-AgeWise Colorado

Former Railroad Executive, Businessman, International Consultant and current volunteer/board member of A Little Help, Colorado Center for Aging, and the DRCOG AAA Advisory Committee on Aging.

Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Karen Brown is a thought leader in technology and innovation for older adults focusing on the evolution of how we think about aging and the last quarter of life and developing solutions to issues tied to aging. Karen is a member of Governor-appointed Colorado Commission on Aging.

Tyler Borzileri

Tyler Borzileri

Vice President of Growth & Business Development, MedRide and Metro One Ambulance LLC. Former Regional Manager at IBM

Barbara Boyer

Barbara Boyer

Non-Voting Member

Executive Director, AgeWise Colorado

Decades of experience in nonprofit management roles, Vice President of Denver Senior Coalition, member of DRCOG AAA Advisory Committee on Aging and Arapahoe County Commission on Aging Board and Adams County Aging Network Board member.

Rick Smith

Rick Smith

Advisor to Board

CEO-Homeward Bound of Grand Valley

CEO-Homeward Bound of Grand Valley, Community Activist, Transformational Leader, Fundraiser, Board & Community Developer and former restauranteur. 

Hailey How

Hailey How


Independent Consultant, Advisor, Former Google Exec

Advisor at Verily, Former Google Executive, Healthcare Actuary, decades of experience in tech management, business development and Health tech sales.

Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly



Highly successful Tech Entrepreneur and Founder/CEO of Routinify. 

Eric Chess

Eric Chess, MD, JD


Professor, Researcher, University of Denver Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging

Physician and lawyer with a focus on prevention, well-being, financial security and cognitive health. In his position as Affiliate Professor, at the University of Denver, Eric is directing the multi-disciplinary Financial Security and Cognitive Health Initiative within the DU Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging—a project with federal funding.

Connie Ward

Connie Ward


Owner-Optimal Living Medicare Solutions

Optimal Living Solutions Medicare Broker, former Telecomm Executive, Member of DRCOG AAA Advisory Committee on Aging, volunteer for the Colorado Center on Aging, Jefferson County Council on Aging. 

Chris Lynn

Chris Lynn

Advisor to Board

CEO-Seniors Resource Center

CEO of Seniors’ Resource Center and Member of DRCOG AAA Advisory Committee on Aging, Board Member of Colorado Center for Aging. Chris has also worked as Real Estate Broker and Commercial Airline pilot. 

Joe Durzo

Joe Durzo

Joseph Durzo is a former Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor providing advisory services to leadership teams of selected clients focused on implementing critical initiatives through the people in their organizations. He has served also Board Chair of the Sigma Chi Foundation, helping the Foundation implement new fund-raising approaches and strategies.

Contributing Writers

  • Ken Burrows
  • Gretchen Stevenson RN

Thank you for checking us out.

Again, we welcome you to AgeWise Colorado and look forward to being of service to you. Questions? Please visit our contact page or call us at 720-295-0163.

If you would like a copy of our Annual Report, please contact us via email at President@agewisecolorado.org.

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  • Central Mountains: Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Lake
  • City and County of Denver
  • City of Aurora
  • Colorado Springs Metro area: Counties of El Paso, Park, Teller
  • Denver Metro area: Counties of Adams, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Gilpin, Jefferson
  • Eastern Plains: Counties of Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson, Lincoln
  • Larimer County and City of Fort Collins
    Las Animas/ Huerfano: Counties of Huerfano, Las Animas
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