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Family Mediation Can Help Coloradans Resolve Caregiving Conflicts

…The Times article went on to discuss several aspects of family mediation, pointing out that trained mediators can help families struggling with a variety of elder-care issues. These can include appropriate living arrangements, care responsibilities, communication and information sharing, and health and financial decisions. Among key points made were the following:

Over Age 50 & Looking for work?

If you are over age 50 and looking for a paying job–you know how hard it can be. Many employers give only passing consideration. And yet, there are options. And even if you would just like to volunteer, there are so many options.

Drug-Free Therapy for Insomnia May Be Best Choice for Coloradans

The Colorado Health Institute (CHI) says a behavioral health risk surveillance system has found that more than a quarter of Colorado adults — nearly 1.2 million people — do not get seven or more hours of sleep each night, the amount recommended for good physical and mental health.

How Are Older Coloradans Doing Financially?

There are an estimated 1.3 million people over age 60 in Colorado, a number that is growing significantly with each passing year. As of 2024, approximately 10 to 12% of these seniors — or about 130,000 — face substantial financial challenges. Support programs, with a mix of government, community, and private sponsorship, come to the aid of a portion of these people…read more

Hopeful Research in Colorado into Reducing the Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease

Leading Alzheimer’s disease researcher, Dr. Huntington Potter of University of Colorado School of Medicine brings us up to date on the latest research to save more of us from the ravages of this disease and tells us about a unique idea for helpful drugs that could be approved for use much sooner than what has been typical.

What Coloradans Should Know about Medicare’s “Lifetime Reserve Days”

One of the lesser known benefits available with Original Medicare is something called “lifetime reserve days.” The Index of Topics in the front of the 2024 “Medicare & You” consumer booklet does not include a line item for “Reserve Days,” but the subject is briefly mentioned in the booklet’s text discussing Part A covered services. Though not a prominently promoted benefit, reserve days are an important topic to understand.

“Gray Divorce” Can Hit Women Especially Hard

An analysis by business news channel CNBC has found that women who divorce in their later years — which is often referred to as “gray divorce” — are put at much more financial risk than men who go through a gray divorce.

Colorado Community Organizer — and a Legislative Bill — Target Patients’ “Prior Authorization” Hassles

If it’s passed, Comstock says House Bill 24-1149 will prevent lapses in care caused by withheld prior authorization and make the process more transparent. “The prior authorization process is unnecessarily burdensome and complicated,” says Comstock, “causing delays in care and taking important health decisions away from physicians and patients. This can have a huge impact on our health and our lives.”

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