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Practical advice to help your loved ones age in place in Colorado.

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Colorado Mental Health Services for Older Adults

Half of Us Will Be Diagnosed with a Mental Illness or Disorder at Some Point in our Lifetime. Watch this video and learn about many of the helpful mental health resources available to you and your family to help everyone age well, age wisely, in Colorado


Colorado’s Medicaid Program May Demand Recovery of Costs It Has Paid

In what can hit some surviving family members or other heirs as a rude awakening, state Medicaid programs like Health First Colorado are required by federal law to recover certain Medicaid benefits paid on behalf of a senior Medicaid enrollee. The program typically does this by filing a claim against the estate of the enrollee after they die. This is formally known as the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP).

Finance, Legal, and Insurance

Be Cautious If Using a Life Settlement to Pay for Long-Term Care in Colorado

On the insurance front is another occasionally used funding source known as a life settlement. This option, also sometimes called a senior settlement, involves selling existing life insurance to a third party for cash. This third party is a person or entity other than the company that originally issued the policy. The settlement amount to be gained is typically more than the policy’s cash surrender value but less than the death benefit

Healthy Aging

A Look at Substance Abuse in Older Coloradans

The letter to the medical advice column in the newspaper was from a granddaughter of a 73-year-old widow. “Sarah” was worried that Grandma “Jewels” had gotten hooked on pain relievers following surgery to repair a broken leg. She was also concerned about where Jewels was now obtaining her drugs and wanted to know what she could do.

End of Life

When Your Loved One Dies in Colorado

For those who are involved in caring for family members or other loved ones in Colorado, the final act of caregiving may be taking care of arrangements after your loved one dies. Every state has laws affecting what happens to a body after death. Here are answers to commonly asked questions regarding post-death matters in Colorado

Webinar Recordings

Your Legacy through Your Stories & Stuff

Learn about exciting new ways of telling the stories of your life—your
legacy, your way—in words, pictures, objects. Why you’ve kept that
little geyser souvenir from Yellowstone for 50 years. Preserving what you want your current and future family and friends to know about you. They will love you for it.

Health Care Providers

Some Coloradans Eligible for Discounted Medical Care

In the latter half of 2022, many Coloradans became eligible for discounted medical care, thanks to a state legislative bill titled Health Care Billing Requirements for Indigent Patients. This bill established requirements for hospital discounted care for low-income patients. These patients have been given the opportunity to apply for financial assistance or charity care programs at the health care facility where they receive care.

Health Care Providers

Explanation of Your Rights with Surprise Billing

Billing for hospital stays and other medical services has never been simple and clear for patients, and the picture has very often been made even murkier with what is known as “surprise billing” or “balance billing.” The names derive from what the happening literally is—i.e., an unexpected bill for an unexpected balance owed. The good news is that in the interest of protecting consumers, various measures have been enacted to rein in the extent of surprise billing by specifying when it can happen and when it cannot.

Legislative Issues

Colorado 2023 Legislative Bills May Affect Seniors

As of early March 2023, the Colorado legislature is considering a number of bills that will potentially affect Colorado’s seniors. Some have broad support; others do not. Here are several

Webinar Recordings

Alzheimer’s Brain Research & Brain Health

Learn about brain research for treating Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome
—and the similarities and differences of those with Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities, and others, and ideas for you to maintain
a healthy brain

Seminario web en español

¿Sigues conduciendo? ¿Ya no conduces? ¿Ahora qué?

Aprenda acerca de las evaluaciones de conducción, sobre cuándo ya no debe conducir y qué opciones de transporte están disponibles para usted – Un representante de RTD también se unirá para hablar sobre las actualizaciones de Access-A-Ride.

Seminario web en español

Investigación sobre el
Alzheimer y salud cerebral

Conozca más sobre la investigación del cerebro para tratar el Alzheimer, el
Síndrome de Down -y las similitudes y diferencias de las personas con
Discapacidad Intelectual y del Desarrollo- y otros, e ideas para que usted
mantenga un cerebro sano.

Food Access Services

Food Assistance for Older Coloradans

According to the nonprofit organization Hunger Free Colorado (HFC), 33% of the state’s population lacks reliable access to nutritious food. This percentage includes 7.5% of older Coloradans who face hunger, which HFC says forces them to make choices between purchasin

Healthy Aging

Colorado Psychologist Explains Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of talk therapy that can be an alternative to taking sleeping pills, antianxiety medications or antidepressants. It can also be used to complement medications when they are prescribed. Dr. Ava Schumacher is a Denver-based clinical health psychologist who works with people who are struggling with a variety of difficulties, including medical challenges,

In-Home Care

Colorado Support Foundation Offers Help for Family Caregivers

When it comes to family members who choose to provide care for loved ones afflicted with challenging conditions such as Alzheimer’s, other dementias, nerve disorders, brain failure, and the like, one of the big questions that arises is: Who will care for the caregivers? It’s a question that AgeWise Colorado (AWC) itself has been created to help provide an answer for by offering relevant guidance and steering caregivers to pertinent resources.

Webinar Recordings

Still Driving? No Longer Driving? Now What?

How Do You Know When You Should No Longer Be Driving? What Are some other ways of getting around? How Do You Know if You Qualify for RTD ACCESS-A-Ride, for Senior Discounts?

Colorado Demographics

Colorado’s Population is Trending Older

Did you know that Colorado’s population is aging faster than 48 other states?

Are you prepared for what is happening today and what’s coming?

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