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General Health Care

Colorado Anesthesiologist Says Be Candid about Marijuana Use if You Need Surgery

Erin Emery, writing for the medical news hub UCHealth Today, confirms that anesthesiologists can find it more challenging to properly sedate patients who use marijuana—whether that be smoking, vaping, eating edibles or using tincture. The simple fact is marijuana can affect how anesthesia works. This is particularly true for chronic users, defined as those who use marijuana at least once a week.

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Cuidados paliativos y de hospicio en detalle, ayuda médica para morir: todo está aquí

Para cualquiera que vaya a morir algún día, hay MUCHO que necesita saber. Mire esto y aprenda: ¿Qué son los cuidados paliativos? ¿Cómo se proporciona? ¿Cómo funciona realmente el hospicio? Aprenda más sobre el proceso de la muerte: lo que le sucede a nuestros cuerpos. Lo que necesita saber sobre la ley de Ayuda Médica para Morir de Colorado. 0:00:00 Introducción y descripción general 0:05:10 Dr. Maurice “Scotty” Scott, Servicio de Medicina Paliativa de la UC 0:11:07 Evan Hyatt, vicepresidente de marketing y desarrollo de Care Synergy Network 0:21:26 Julie Hayes, Directora Ejecutiva, Aviant Healthcare 0:46:55 Alyssa Trujillo, Directora de Asociaciones Comunitarias con Dignity Hospice of Colorado

End of Life

Palliative and Hospice Care in Detail, Medical Aid in Dying–It’s All Here

For Anyone Who Will Die One Day–There is So MUCH You Need to Know. Watch this and Learn: What is Palliative Care? How is it Provided? How Does Hospice Actually Work? Learn More About the Process of Death–What Happens to Our Bodies. What You Need to Know About Colorado’s Medical Aid in Dying Law.

Housing Options & Property Information

Trends in Assisted Living Populations in Colorado

“The nature of the clientele in assisted living has changed dramatically,” but there are no widely accepted standards for addressing these evolving physical and mental health needs. The panel report made more than 40 recommendations to address the gaps in care, based on input from patient advocates, assisted living providers, and specialists in medical, psychiatric and dementia care.

Healthy Aging

Mental Health Resources for Colorado Older Adults

…Despite the fact that research indicates up to 15% of people age 65 and older who live outside of nursing facilities have a diagnosable anxiety condition. An editorial in the journal JAMA Psychiatry stated only about one-third of seniors with anxiety disorders receive treatment. Which is concerning since such disorders can have links to stroke, adverse heart conditions, and neurodegenerative problems such as dementia. Other anxiety disorders in seniors can include phobias, panic disorder, social anxiety, hoarding, fear of falling, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

End of Life Planning

Make Your Digital Life Part of Your Estate Planning in Colorado

Often a key challenge faced by people responsible for carrying out an individual’s estate plan is lack of adequate information provided by the person for whom the plan was created in the first place. In modern times, one area where these information gaps frequently arise is the handling of digital assets such as digitally stored photos or music, social media accounts, emails, financial and medical records, etc.

Aging Issues

PACT Act Gives Colorado Military Veterans Benefits for Conditions Related to Toxic Exposures

Rachel Sauer, writing for the University of Colorado Cancer Center at the UC School of Medicine / Anschutz Medical Campus, reports that the PACT Act which went into effect at the beginning of 2023 enables many U.S. veterans to access benefits for an expanded list of health conditions presumed to be caused by exposure to toxic substances. This is particularly true for several head and neck cancers.


Coloradans Should Be Wary of “Early Retirement” Scams

Retirement can be an alluring stage of life, a time when, as a psychologist once put it, you can stop doing the things you have to do and start doing the things you want to do. But living that ideal life requires a steady stream of income that lasts as long as you do. The earlier you retire, the more important it is to manage your retirement assets wisely.

End of Life Planning

Protecting Your Will’s Wishes in Colorado

Although a will generally allows you to decide where your money and other assets will go after you die, this does not mean your every wish can or will be granted. For one thing, according to the Colorado Probate Code, you cannot completely disinherit your spouse

Healthy Aging

About Marijuana, Medicare and Colorado’s Seniors

The Harvard Medical School says statistics show that use of cannabis among adults age 65 and older has increased eightfold in recent years, and up to 80% of these seniors are using MM to manage pain.

Mental Health

Colorado Mental Health Services for Older Adults

Half of Us Will Be Diagnosed with a Mental Illness or Disorder at Some Point in our Lifetime. Watch this video and learn about many of the helpful mental health resources available to you and your family to help everyone age well, age wisely, in Colorado


Colorado’s Medicaid Program May Demand Recovery of Costs It Has Paid

In what can hit some surviving family members or other heirs as a rude awakening, state Medicaid programs like Health First Colorado are required by federal law to recover certain Medicaid benefits paid on behalf of a senior Medicaid enrollee. The program typically does this by filing a claim against the estate of the enrollee after they die. This is formally known as the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program (MERP).


Be Cautious If Using a Life Settlement to Pay for Long-Term Care in Colorado

On the insurance front is another occasionally used funding source known as a life settlement. This option, also sometimes called a senior settlement, involves selling existing life insurance to a third party for cash. This third party is a person or entity other than the company that originally issued the policy. The settlement amount to be gained is typically more than the policy’s cash surrender value but less than the death benefit

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